The Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Council (NECA) has called on the Federal Government to call to order, the NLC faction led by Comrade Joe Ajaero, over its plan to picket some banks on the issue of retrenchment/downsising going on in the sector.

Mr. Oshinowo who described the Ajaero-led group as a rogues, said the planned action of the group is illegal, abuse of labour law and an act of criminality.

Speaking further, Oshinowo said any party or group that is parading itself without a certificate  should be prosecuted, saying that the Wabba group was endorsed by the Federal Government  and was issue a certificate.

“It is so unfortunate that this labour faction, which I will describe as a rogue is still existing.

“Their  plan to picket banks as regard retrenchment in the sector is uncalled  for, illegal and should be addressed by the Federal Government because the group is acting against the law.

“It is most unfortunate that the group has been fueling impunity and gross abuse of rules and principles of Industrial Relations in Nigeria. The law about dispute settlement is clear. If the union has any issue with the action of the employer, it should seek recourse in the Industrial Court rather than take laws into its hands.

“In exercising their right to picket, the union should realise that such an action should not impinge on the right of the enterprise to conduct its business. There are, of course, limits to the right of picket and if the union should cross the line by encroaching on the rights of other actors in the economy, that would amount to criminality for which we expect the Police to arraign the offenders before the appropriate court,” he said.

He said NECA will write the Minister of Labour and Productivity and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) on the matter.

The NLC faction, led by Comrade Ajaero , three weeks ago issues a 21-day ultimatum to the banks that have engaged in mass sack against the rules of engagement to reverse the decision or face the wrath of the workers. The ultimatum ended  June 30.