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CBN’s Adjustments of Naira from N360 to N380 at SMIS: – UNIFYING THE EXCHANGE RATE: GOOD BUT BAD TIMING

We are aware of the positive impact of unifying the exchange rate, as we are in full support of shunning multiple currency practices, this we believe, have not demonstrated the true reflection of the naira in the market. Nevertheless, we are weary of the implication of the sudden unification of the exchange rate to the economy at this time, which we believe will be counterproductive, as a nation like ours that depend hugely on importation of raw materials, equipment, fuels (most especially).

Regulatory challenges, others killing real sector

Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association, says there is the urgent need for the Federal Government to formulate policies that will make the nation’s real sector to return to its booming status. It said the government...